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Everyone has a story… Here’s ours

60 years ago, the story of PCMCU began.

Paper Converting Machine Company Credit Union’s original bylaws were approved on May 7, 1958. The founding members of PCMC Credit Union consisted of 7 individuals who shared an identifiable common bond, that of employment with Paper Converting Machine Company. Although PCM Credit Union remains to be a closed charter – SEG based credit union, it has grown substantially and serves the employees of several surrounding companies, along with family of these employees and members. Although PCMCU has moved locations three times in the past 60 years, the credit union has always called Willard Drive home with our main office located at 601 Willard Drive.

In 2011 PCM Credit Union conducted a branding study and after careful consideration of this change, the decision was made to not stray too far from what made us who we are… so the subtle change from then PCM Employees Credit Union to PCM Credit Union – People Caring More, was made. That change went into effect when our current main office opened its doors 6 years ago, with a whole new look and feel of strength and stability for our membership. Our story is a successful one in the credit union industry, as we continue to grow in our community, and through the ever-changing capabilities of technology.

PCMCU’s strong foundation is based on that of commitment, appreciation, reliability, empathy and strength. We live by these core values and serve our members with that philosophy of each and every day as we make important financial decisions with and for our members.

In spring of 2014, PCM Credit Union was approached by Marinette County Employees Credit Union’s Board Chair with a proposal to consider a possible merger of the two credit unions. MCECU was also a SEG based credit union, with one main location in Marinette, $15M in assets and approximately 2000 members. From that point, discussions continued and the proposal became reality when PCMCU and MCECU merged in January of 2015. Since that time, PCM Credit Union as a whole has grown substantially in members as well as assets.

Marinette Branch

From the time of the merger, the Marinette facility was also a concern as to how the credit union will grow with the community. Will this facility serve the needs of the Marinette membership? PCMCU’s Board of Directors and Executive Management took careful consideration into this area and through much research and analysis realized that the need for an update to the facility was greatly necessary. The decision to rebuild was made, and the plan to start the construction of a new facility was announced in January of 2017. The new Marinette building project is now complete and we’re excited for the members of this area and the Marinette community for the accessibility of this new facility.

PCMCU is pleased to be where we are at as a successful financial institution in these growing communities and surrounding areas of Northeast Wisconsin. We strive to provide the resources our membership and the community are seeking, and continues to live for this higher purpose of providing outstanding products and services to those in our field of membership. PCMCU also supports the community both financially and through volunteer hours by staff and Board, to do our part to improve the future of generations to come.

We welcome you to contact PCM Credit Union to learn more about PCMCU membership and experience our People Caring More philosophy.

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