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Who Can Join?

Membership Eligibility

PCM Credit Union is a SEG-based credit union, open exclusively to our “Select Employee Groups” (partnering companies) and their family members. In order to become a member of PCMCU, you must fall under one of the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Currently employed at one of PCMCU’s  Select Employee Groups (SEGs)
  2. Currently have a family member who is already a member of PCMCU
    • Spouse, Parents, Stepparents, Children, Stepchildren, Grandparents, Grandchildren, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, etc.
  3. Members of the same household may also be eligible for membership
    • Significant other, fiancé, guardian, foster children, foster parents, in-laws, etc.
*Family members do not have to live in the Green Bay, Oconto, or Marinette area to be eligible for membership.
*If you meet the eligibility requirements of PCMCU membership, you may join the credit union with a minimum opening deposit of $5.00 into a Regular Share Account.
*Once a member- Always a member at PCMCU. If a member leaves a PCMCU Select Employee Group, retires, moves, etc. and wants to maintain his/her accounts at PCMCU, he/she may do so and remain a member of PCMCU. The family members of an individual in this situation also remain eligible at all times under these circumstances.

What is a SEG?

SEG stands for “Select Employee Group,” and may also be referred to as a “partnering company” of PCM Credit Union. Becoming a Select Employee Group can provide companies’ employees and their families exclusive access to PCMCU membership benefits. These benefits are advantageous to only PCMCU SEGs and their family members.

We feel this partnership is a strong addition to a company’s employee benefits package- benefitting both the company and the employees who work there. Our goal is to provide financial benefits, advantages, products, services, and education to our SEG’s to help promote employees’ financial wellness and stability. In turn, increase employee productivity in the workplace by decreasing the amount of financial stress that comes with day to day finances. Employees will benefit by receiving lower loan rates, higher savings rates, minimal to no fees, and personalized service to meet their individual needs.

PCM Credit Union takes pride in the “unique club” that we serve, making sure our member-owners gain personal financial success, and that they know they are more than just a number. Members experience service on a level like no other, where our staff focuses on creating member relationships. We are here to provide a more affordable financial option for your employees and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with your company. 

Together, we can share in the goodwill created in the mind of our members and employees in helping expand their financial services for the better…where it is a win-win for all. We’re Investing in YOU…Growing Together!

How Does My Company Become a SEG?

Please contact the credit union main office at (920) 499-2831 or email [email protected] with any questions or to request a meeting.

Select Employee Group Criteria:

  1. Company headquarters must be located within the counties of Brown, Oconto, and/or Marinette.
  2. Company values must align with that of PCM Credit Union in order to promote a long-lasting and workable partnership
  3. Company representative(s) will have an initial meeting with PCMCU to discuss becoming a SEG
  4. Upon agreement, the company will then draft a letter requesting SEG Membership addressed to the PCM Credit Union Board of Directors with the following criteria:
    • Typed on company letterhead
    • Letter will request that said company would like to become a SEG of PCM Credit Union and offer its benefits to the employees and families
    • Include all company’s physical locations
    • Include company’s number of employees
    • CEO of company will sign and date the letter

What Comes Next?

After your company requests SEG Membership with PCM Credit Union, your request will go to the PCM Credit Union Board of Directors for approval. Upon approval begins the start of a working partnership. This begins with announcing this new benefit to your staff. From there, PCMCU will work with the assigned company contact to determine the best ways of promoting this new employee benefit. We want to be sure our communication methods align with your business practices and are the most effective according to your needs. This partnership will allow you to feel confident in knowing you have given your employees and their families another benefit option at no cost to your organization and have helped them gain financial guidance and future success in the process.

Please contact the credit union main office with any questions at (920) 499-2831 or email [email protected].

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