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Financial Wellness Services

PCMCU Financial Counseling Program

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your finances? We offer assistance… FREE!

As a member of PCMCU, we care about your financial success. PCMCU has staff who are certified in Financial Counseling and can offer help in many areas.

We offer free confidential assistance as well as online education. Some of the many services we provide include:

  • Credit Report Review
  • Income and Expense Analysis
  • Debt Management Plans
  • Bankruptcy Education
  • Housing Services
  • Student Loan Services
  • and more!

To better understand what areas PCMCU may be of service, and at what level of assistance you may be interested in, we ask you to please consider contacting Jackie Brooks, PCMCU’s Certified Financial Counselor at (920) 499-2831 to learn how to get started.


Your Path to a Bright Financial Future Begins Here…

Did you know you also have access to GreenPath’s financial experts to guide you through life’s financial challenges? GreenPath is a non-profit company that equips people with knowledge and tools to lead financially healthy lives. They can partner with you to ease financial stress, manage debt, save for the future, make informed financial decisions, and achieve your financial goals.

GreenPath offers personalized assistance with:

  • Budgeting and money management
  • Debt repayment
  • Understanding your credit report and how to improve your score
  • Avoiding bankruptcy, foreclosure and repossession

CALL TOLL- FREE 877-337- 3399 TODAY

Learn More at


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