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At AGE 15, PCM members can unlock our FREE bundle:

  • Checking account
  • Debit Card
  • Online Banking and/or Mobile App

emPOWER our teens to become financially independent! Let PCMCU do what we do best…combine elite digital access with personal service.

For member accounts < age 18, a parent or guardian must agree and sign as a joint member to assume responsibility.  Membership eligibility required. All accounts subject to approval.  Must establish a Share Savings Account with $5 minimum deposit. Federally insured by the NCUA.  

Financial Tips for Parents

Tips for new Parents: Tips for Parents of young children: Tips for Parents of teenagers:
  • Build emergency fund
  • Adjust HSA contribution
  • Modify Insurance plans
  • Update Will and Beneficiaries
  • Invest in education
  • Budget for childcare
  • Foster financial literacy
  • Converse candidly
  • Encourage part-time work
  • Strategize education expenses

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What to Know When Getting your First Paycheck

Terms to know:

  • Gross Pay=hourly rate x hours worked
  • Deductions: taxes and employee benefits
  • Net pay is actual take home pay=Gross pay-Deductions

Your Net Pay may only be 70-80% of your Gross Pay, the other percentages goes to taxes, which include:

  • Federal and State income tax
  • Social Security and Medicare Tax (FICA)
  • Additional taxes such as city and special state taxes
  • Employee benefits (Health/Dental/Vision insurance, Disability insurance, Retirement-401K)
  • Online Banking and/or Mobile App

Here are some tips to think about when receiving your paycheck:

  • Ask questions if you are confused with your paycheck
  • Create a goal to PAY YOURSELF first. Save a certain percentage or amount every paycheck.

Unlocking Success

From Boomers to Zoomers

When it comes to money, many concepts remain consistent no matter what decade we grew up in. Managing our money is where the spectrum has widely changed. Let’s bridge the generational gap and use the influence we have to improve each other’s lives!

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