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Scholarship Program

PCMCU Scholarship Opportunity

The credit union offers an annual scholarship program every January to promote post-secondary education among our membership. The success of our members’ future careers is important to us, and we look forward to assisting three of our members each year with this monetary award.

Three $1000 scholarships will be awarded to the top 3 candidates based on their response to the follow essay question:

Every person should have a dream in life, no matter how impossible it may seem. Dreaming is what motivates us to move forward and allows us to achieve the most ambitious goals.
Share with us a dream you hold, that when you look back at your life in thirty years you would consider your life successful. What people, resources, and accomplishments do you feel you need to make that dream come true?

  1. Eligible member is a primary member of PCMCU in good standing*
    1. Primary member = Members name listed first on PCMCU account, who has been a member for a minimum of 6 months prior to the scholarship submission deadline. This member must maintain an active account, using sound financial practices. PCMCU employees/Directors and families are not eligible for this scholarship.
    2. Eligible member is beginning or continuing their post-secondary education as a full-time student in the coming school year
    3. Eligible member fills out and completes the proposed scholarship application and answers questions to the best of their ability

    Members who wish to apply for the annual scholarships on average have a minimum of six weeks to complete and submit their application. Eligible scholarship applications must be submitted or postmarked by the deadline listed on the application. Scholarship winners are announced every spring.

Questions regarding PCMCU’s Scholarship Program can be sent to [email protected].

Greater Fox Cities Chapter of Credit Unions Scholarship

During the 2019-2020 school year, the Fox Cities Chapter of Credit Unions will award a $1,000 scholarship to three graduating high school seniors who are active members of participating credit unions.

Download the 2020 Greater Fox Citiees Chapter of Credit Unions Scholarship application. Applications are due March 13, 2020.


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