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Winter Windfall! 2018 Member Rebate

A PCMCU Winter Windfall Is on It’s Way!

Rebates totaling $443,680 to be distributed 12/21/2018



Dear Members,

Another year has come and gone. This was a particularly big one for PCMCU as we celebrated 60 years of serving our members and community. Because of our tremendous growth and success this year, we have one last celebration in store for you before we usher in 2019. PCMCU is excited to announce the Winter Windfall. This is our gift to you for your loyalty and membership. It is a great demonstration that PCMCU lives by the cooperative principles, as we reward your investment in PCMCU by putting money back into your pocket to contribute to your financial success.

What is the Winter Windfall? 

All members with transaction activity posted to their primary checking account on or after October 1, 2018 will receive a $20 bonus dividend deposited in their primary share draft account. Members will also earn a 10% bonus dividend on dividends paid in their primary share account from 1/1/2018 thru 11/30/2018, and a 3% bonus dividend on dividends paid for all other share account types; including Super Share, Top Ten, term share, IRA, escrow and HSA accounts within that same time period*. Additionally, with the exception of credit card accounts, members will receive a 3% loan interest rebate on interest paid on their loans between 1/1/2018 and 11/30/2018**. The items identified above will all be deposited to eligible members’ primary share accounts on 12/21/2018.

This rebate, totaling approximately $443,680, along with the estimated $392,000 in Mastercard Rewards rebates, $94,000 in mortgage closing cost refunds and $82,000 in refunded and/or waived overdraft fees, adds up to over $1,000,000 given back to members this year!

Members are our greatest asset. We have more growing to do. Please share the word about our products, services, financial education and that PCMCU puts back money where our members are. Enjoy the Winter Windfall!

All the best,

Dan Wollin, President
PCM Credit Union


* Excludes accounts with a bonus dividend earned of less than $1.00

**Excludes accounts with a loan interest rebate earned of less than $1.00


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