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System Upgrade


—UPDATE Friday, Oct. 12th—-

PCMCU wishes to thank you again for your patience and understanding during the conversion process.  This upgrade will provide for increased capability as we move forward, however change does often require adapting to new processes.  Therefore, we want you to know that if you experience any difficulty in electronic services or become aware of any discrepancies in your account status, we urge you to contact the credit union.

Electronic Direct Deposits/Payroll/Withdrawals

We always encourage members to watch their accounts closely. If you have any questions or see anything that doesn’t look right, please contact us so we can go over your account and give you peace of mind.

Virtual Branch

Scheduled Transfers for Super Share and Top Ten 

Any scheduled transfers for Super Share and Top Ten accounts will unfortunately need to be recreated. We are very sorry for this inconvenience as we realize your time is valuable!

Members who have a mortgage with us…

You may see an additional savings account (with a suffix of 45 to 47) in Virtual Branch Online Banking with a $0 balance.  These accounts were automatically added during the upgrade, However, you have the option to hide those accounts from view within Virtual Branch.  Please contact us if you need assistance to hide these accounts.


As we communicated via mail to our escrow account holders    a reminder that mortgages with escrows are now one payment.  If you have payments set up in Virtual Branch Online Banking, you will need to change your split payments into one new payment to the mortgage loan.  If you have concerns when reviewing your account , please contact us.  

Mortgage/Line of Credit Loans 

All mortgage and line of credit loans now require a payment each month.  If you pay more than your required payment for the month, the remainder goes to principle whereas it used to accumulate and roll over toward the next payment.

No Overdraft Fees!

During this time, we have NOT been charging any overdraft or NSF fees.

Contact Us

We are here for you! For messages not containing confidential and/or account information, feel free to email us at [email protected] and someone will assist you as soon as possible.

If your message contains confidential information, please message us within Virtual Branch Online Banking to keep your information confidential and secure.  If you would like to speak to someone in person, please feel free to give us a call.  

Please continue to visit this page to check out and review any of our latest communications.

PCMCU’s ultimate goal is to provide you with the best service, both as you conduct your business in person at the credit union and electronically through PCMCU’s Virtual Branch and Mobile App. This upgrade will allow us to be successful together… We thank you for your cooperation and understanding!  Please know we value your membership and we are working very hard on your behalf to provide you with the best service into the future.

—UPDATE Wednesday 11:30am CST—


For your reference, please see below the most common account suffixes, pre- and post-upgrade. Please call us if you have questions on any other account suffix.

OLD Suffix
Account Type NEW Suffix
O Primary Checking 75
A Primary Share 01
E Rewards Savings 02
H Christmas Club 35
S Super Share 40
T Top Ten 41
F Dream. Save. WIN! Savings 03

—UPDATE Tuesday 1:30pm CST—

If you are looking at your balances in Mobility, our mobile app – you may notice the balances may look incorrect. Please view your account information in Virtual Branch Online Banking. We are working on it and will keep you updated here.

—UPDATE Tuesday 11:41am CST—

SYSTEM UPGRADE IS COMPLETE! We are now working in our new system and you can make transactions in our lobbies/drive-ups as normal. 

Virtual Branch Online Banking is fully functional along with TLC. You will now start to build new account history from today moving forward. (PCMCU has old statements and old check copies at the credit union).

The “New Enrollment” link within Virtual Branch is working and we are now accepting new enrollees for online banking. 

Tuesday, 10am CST: Normal Debit Card usage (no limitations).


Our goal with this page is to inform you of the following:

  1. Our schedule DURING our system upgrade, to help you plan accordingly
  2. What you may need to do BEFORE our system upgrade, and …
  3. What you can expect AFTER the October 1st upgrade.
  4. Provide the most current information during the update process

NEW! SYSTEM UPGRADE Information – Added 9/22


Any direct deposits (SSI, Pension, Payroll, etc.) dated October 1st or 2nd that we receive early will be posted to your account on Friday, September 28th.  This will give you the opportunity to access the funds starting at 10am on Friday, since we will be closed on Monday, October 1st.  This is not a guarantee that your deposit will be here early, as we never know in advance if this will occur.


Any electronic withdrawal (insurance, mortgage, utility payments, etc.) dated October 1st or 2nd that we receive early will be posted to your account on Friday, September 28th.  If that withdrawal causes you to overdraw your account, the NSF fee will be reversed.


Any check deposits made via Mobile Deposit on our app after 2:00 pm CST on Friday, September 28th will be posted to your account on Tuesday, October 2nd.

1. PCMCU System Upgrade Calendar

First, we want you to be aware of the days affected during the actual conversion. PCM will be CLOSED on Monday, October 1st for the system upgrade. Phones will be available with limited access to account information. Please take note of the schedule below so you can plan accordingly.


2. Checklist: What you may want to do BEFORE the system upgrade.

PRINT eSTATEMENTS – Before Friday, Sept. 28th

OLD eStatements  will no longer be in Virtual Branch Online Banking after 9/27.
If you choose to retain them for your records, please download to your computer or print them. (PCM will retain records at the credit union)

PRINT CHECK COPIES – Before Friday, Sept. 28th

OLD check copies will no longer be in Virtual Branch or the Mobile App after 9/27.
If you choose to retain them for your records, please print or download prior to 9/28. (PCM will retain records at the credit union)


History/transactions will no longer be accessible in Virtual Branch or the Mobile App after 4pm Sunday.
If you choose to retain them for your records, download your transaction history. 
History will not transfer to the new system – only new transactions going forward will be saved in the system. (PCM will retain records at the credit union)


Here’s how:

– Log into Virtual Branch Online Banking
– Click on Account Access to see your full list of accounts
– Click on any account you would like to nickname
– Click on the Account Details link to the right and you can easily add a nickname for that account!

Why would “Nicknaming” your account in Virtual Branch be helpful to you? 

Once our system upgrade is completed, your account nicknames from Virtual Branch will carry over to our new system giving us the ability to reference your chosen nicknames. Give it a try!

3. What you can expect AFTER the October 1st system upgrade.

Rest assured knowing there will be minimal changes to you!


  • Account Numbers (note: deposits and loan suffixes will change from a letter to numbers, letters or combination of both)
  • Checking  Account
  • Electronic Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Debit & Credit Cards
  • Mobile App
  • Online Banking
  • BillPay


  • There will be no eStatements available for September. All September statements will be sent via U.S. Postal Mail
  • Debit cards will be available during the upgrade to give you access to withdraw cash and make purchases as normal. Some limitations may apply.
  • Deposits and loan suffixes will change from a letter to numbers, letters or combination of both
  • Virtual Branch scheduled transfers dated October 1st will occur on October 2nd

Questions or Concerns?

Please call PCMCU at (920) 499-2831 or our Marinette Branch at (715) 732-4051.

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