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People Caring More

PCM Credit Union

Since our beginning, when the credit union formed in May 1958 to help employees save and borrow to each other, PCM Credit Union’s ultimate goal was to help members gain personal financial success. That remains our goal today. As stated in our Mission & Vision Statements:


PCM Credit Union is a strong financial cooperative that goes above and beyond by providing member-owners benefits and advantages over other financial institutions.


Our ‘People Caring More’ philosophy ensures member-owners gain personal financial success.
We’re Investing in You… Growing Together!

Each year we set new goals with our primary focus on improving our products and services to our members. With this type of philosophy it is a win – win situation. Members financial needs are met, goals are reached and new records are broken.

PCM Credit Union is ranked among the top in the nation for rates, service, and value to its members. Research and consulting firm, Callahan & Associates of Washington, D.C., has ranked PCM Credit Union number one in the nation for credit unions its size for delivering superior value to its members.

“We always strive to provide exceptional service levels to our members.” PCM Credit Union President, Dan Wollin said, “We are honored to be recognized as the best credit union in the United States in returning value to its members.”


What Makes PCMCU Different

We realize that you have numerous financial institutions to choose from, and that is why PCM Credit Union appreciates that you have chosen to partner with Us for your financial needs. We are dedicated to our Mission and Vision of going above and beyond what other financial institutions are doing, to help you achieve personal financial success. We are investing in you and growing together.

Our core values guide the direction of our credit union and we strive for greatness by providing Commitment, Appreciation, Reliability, Empathy and Strength. PCM Credit Union truly CARES about the future of our members.

Our closed charter field of membership allows us to provide unique financial services to our partner companies, or Select Employee Groups (SEGs) as they are titled, and family members of our current members.

PCM Credit Union is investing in technology. We realize that our members want to do their financial transactions at times that are convenient for them. Investing in new technologies allows us to give our members the options that they need to make their finances work for them.

We are investing in our members. PCM Credit Union has given back more than $4 million dollars in the last 13 years to our members in the form of member rebates. We whole heartedly believe that our members are responsible for our strong financial success. That being said…we feel that returning a portion of those funds to our members is a way of thanking them for their loyalty and support of their membership.

We are investing in our communities. As a financial co-operative we strive to give our very best not only to our members, but to the communities that we reside in. You will often find PCM Credit Union employees volunteering their time to help with local support efforts and community causes.

We focus on continuing education. Educating our members and our employees allows us to keep current with topics and products that are new and relevant to us. You will find that PCM Credit Union hosts many educational events for our members regarding services that we offer or topics that our members may enjoy learning about.

At PCM Credit Union you will always be greeted with a smile and a friendly voice. We truly are “People Caring More” and you will witness the PCM Credit Union difference when you partner with us as a member of the credit union, or within the community. We look forward to serving you and your family members in the years to come.

In Everything We Do!

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