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Member Referral Program

Who is Eligible?

PCM Credit Union is a SEG-based credit union, open exclusively to our “Select Employee Groups” (partnering companies) and their family members. In order to become a member of PCMCU, you must fall under one of the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Currently employed at one of PCMCU’s  Select Employee Groups (SEGs)
  2. Currently have a family member who is already a member of PCMCU
    • Spouse, Parents, Stepparents, Children, Stepchildren, Grandparents, Grandchildren, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, etc.
  3. Members of the same household may also be eligible for membership
    • Significant other, fiancé, guardian, foster children, foster parents, in-laws, etc.

Print & complete the form if you’re stopping in OR mention it to us when opening your account!

We’re your guide through all financial decisions, providing assistance by phone, in-person, or online. Serving all your financial needs locally, meaning when you obtain low cost financing with PCM, it stays with PCM and is serviced by PCM. We offer protection services and payment options to save you money. Free resources are available at, plus you may apply for membership and a loan online, when it’s convenient for YOU! 

When you save with PCM your money grows because you earn more and pay less in service fees, because we don’t charge service fees. Plus, we’ll always encourage you to pay yourself first, by direct deposit and creating a savings plan that works for you! You’ll notice PCM offers competitive rates and NO fee checking account with debit card and FREE digital access through Virtual Branch and Mobile App featuring Mobile Deposit and more! For more information on these and all of PCMCU’s products and services, please contact us today! We want to see your future grow with PCM! 

*Program Disclosure

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