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Member Referral Program

Have a Strong, Healthy, Growing Relationship with PCMCU?

Help PCM branch out as we grow our membership

When you refer a family member or work associate of an established Select Employee Group (SEG) to join the PCM family of members, you will both reap the rewards of a great financial partnership!

Financial Growth Starts Here!

Plant the seed and share the many benefits and opportunities with those that are important to YOU!




Plant a seed, and make a referral to RECEIVE $50, and your referral will receive $50 as well!*

1. Sharing the benefits…

Part of the enjoyment of taking part in PCM’s Member Referral Program is choosing who you feel would truly benefit from the services of our unique club. You may refer a maximum of three eligible individuals to join PCM each calendar year. Share your member experience with those that may qualify to allow you to both grow by $50.

2. Planning and Planting the Seed…

Planning is the key to the success of any project. Your garden, a special vacation, and most importantly your financial future. Help us serve others and assist them with their finances in a way that allows us all to plan better for what we need and want in life. To begin your referral, simply print the referral coupon, include your name as the current member and plant the seed by sharing that coupon with someone you feel would benefit from becoming a member of PCM.

3. When it’s time for Harvest…

When those you have referred to PCM have successfully grown this new financial relationship, you will both reap the rewards of your efforts. When the newly referred member obtains the qualifying services and maintains their account for 60 days, you will both receive the $50 referral incentive. The program disclosure below shares the complete details of this process.

4. You’ve nurtured a new beginning…

Member-owners of PCM Credit Union receive access to all PCM’s Free eServices, you may apply for affordable financing for all your borrowing needs, you may obtain no fee checking, utilize unique savings tools, and dig in and learn so much more through PCM’s exclusive partner programs offering you a wide array of financial information and resources… all made available by your trusted financial partner, your credit union.

We’re your guide through all financial decisions, providing assistance by phone, in-person, or online. Serving all your financial needs locally, meaning when you obtain low cost financing with PCM, it stays with PCM and is serviced by PCM. We offer protection services and payment options to save you money. Free resources are available at, plus you may apply for membership and a loan online, when it’s convenient for YOU! 

When you save with PCM your money grows because you earn more and pay less in service fees, because we don’t charge service fees. Plus, we’ll always encourage you to pay yourself first, by direct deposit and creating a savings plan that works for you! You’ll notice PCM offers competitive rates and NO fee checking account with debit card and FREE digital access through Virtual Branch and Mobile App featuring Mobile Deposit and more! For more information on these and all of PCMCU’s products and services, please contact us today! We want to see your future grow with PCM! 

*Program Disclosure

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