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Focused Tax Solutions

What’s your STORY? Your taxes may look like a pile of numbers to you… But not to Focused Tax Solutions!

They see a story… your story.

Learn how to reduce your taxes and so much more through another valued partner of PCMCU. Focused Tax Solutions provides assistance in educating members on tax reduction strategies, how to protect your spouse, how to plan for social security, and also how to calculate health costs in retirement.

Click here to learn more about our upcoming education & workshops available through Focused Tax Solutions.

Contact Focused Tax Solutions today, to start saving for your tomorrow. Call (920) 393-6571 for more information on tax preparation and planning or email Focused Tax Solutions at [email protected].

Learn more at

Attend an upcoming workshop!

GREEN BAY: PCM Credit Union, 601 Willard Drive

Call (920) 393-6571 to reserve a spot at any of these sessions or email Focused Tax Solutions at [email protected] today!

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