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Debit Card Application

Please realize we can only accept debit card applications from those in our service area, who are eligible for membership. Any other applications will not be processed, nor replied to. Thank you.

All forms on our website are encrypted using the latest internet security. Please fill out all fields and review the coinciding disclosures prior to submitting this form of application. Once you have reviewed these specific areas, you may then press “Submit” at the bottom of the form.

Please complete all required fields indicated by *.

Debit Card Application

Membership Requirement

Personal Information

Co-applicant Information


In the event you would have insufficient funds in your account to cover an ATM transaction or everyday debit card transaction, PCMCU will cover the overdraft when you Say Yes, to NO WORRIES, and opt in to Overdraft Protection. To continue uninterrupted overdraft protection, please complete this online Overdraft Protection Option Form.

REQUIRED! Automatic Biller Updater Request

You are automatically enrolled in Mastercard’s ABU service which means anytime you are issued a new card, whether due to card expiration, being lost or stolen, compromised, closed or upgraded, your new card information will be shared with any/all participating merchants who keep your card on file for automatic billing. Merchants are not required to participate in ABU, therefore you should still contact each one to verify that they received your updated information. This service is provided at the card level, which means each time you are issued a new card for any reason, you will need to sign another form to prevent a new card from being automatically enrolled.

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