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Summer finance tips and tricks:

As summer is near, we look forward to our summer getaways to those special places with our family. It is important to have a good handle on our finances so we may enjoy the warm summer months as best as we can! Here are some helpful budgeting tips to help you prepare for summer expenses.

First, take a look at your summer travel plans and put together a realistic budget that will cover the costs of the trips. If you need some more room in your budget, consider cutting out extra expenses in your day to day routine that could help you save extra money each week. Check out what you are currently spending on groceries, eating out, entertainment, morning coffee, and other miscellaneous costs that add to your weekly or monthly expenses. Making a conscious effort to set aside a little more here and there into your savings account can add up faster than you think. PCMCU also has the tools to make this budgeting easier and give you a visual as to where you are currently at! In your Virtual Branch Online Banking, utilize PCMCU’s My Cash Dash, a personal financial management tool where you can create budgets and set goals!

Secondly, a great way to set aside funds for summer vacations is to open a PCMCU Vacation Club Account! By utilizing your payroll deduction, or just putting the extra savings away as you go, this Vacation Club Account would help you budget for your summer plans, and pay you interest! PCMCU’s Vacation Club is currently earning 0.50% APY* on just $25 or more! Put away the savings and watch it grow with PCMCU!

Another way to successfully plan your summer trips is to brainstorm a great list of ideas ahead of time for places to go and things to do. Planning out your trips and researching will help save you money versus spontaneously jumping in the car and winging it. You can even contact the credit union regarding Summer Discount Tickets for travel options available to you as a PCMCU Member!

In the midst of remembering all the tricks of the trade for successful summer getaways, we sometimes forget to update our credit union of where we will be traveling. For the last tip of the day, let PCMCU know when you will be traveling so they may note that your PCMCU debit and credit cards may be used outside your normal living area. This will help us to know that while you are away, your transactions are safe and are initiated by you.

Happy Summer Planning Everyone!

*Rates are current as of April 1 st , 2017 and are subject to change at any time. Federally Insured by the NCUA. APY = Annual Percentage Yield. For additional rate information, please contact us.



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